Artist Bio

Darcy Lauren Briks (born 1982, Milford, CT) grew up in various suburbs throughout the country before settling down in Fairfield, CT for her formative years. This set the tone for her desire and ability to explore various styles and mediums throughout her career. She studied art and graphic design in a post-graduate program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design (Boston), then continued to explore different artistic mediums, including photography, acrylic painting and mixed media, throughout her twenties. Now, she mainly creates abstract acrylic paintings with a focus on color combinations and enjoys experimenting with new painting styles in each series. One of her latest series, Hutt Lagoon Pink Lake, features pinks, oranges, and emerald colors inspired by the aerial landscape views of a natural wonder on Western Australia’s coast. Her other new series, The Magna Series, makes abstractions of overarching global and personal issues using freeform shapes and marks. Themes include political issues, feminist and otherwise, climate change, motherhood, rebirth of self, and love.

After almost 7 years living in Greenpoint Brooklyn, Darcy now lives in Ardsley, NY with her husband and two young children. She is Founder and Creative Director of a boutique creative agency where she does branding, print and web design. Her first solo show, MAGNA CHROMA, is currently featured at Lucas Lucas in Williamsburg Brooklyn (through March 23, 2019). 

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