“The Movement Series” Cards — Set of 6


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“The Movement Series” cards, blank on the inside. Set of 6 prints from The Movement Series on 4 x 6 in. greeting cards. The set includes three sets of two different paintings from the series.

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In this series I focused on changing the styles, methods, and colors for each painting or pair of paintings, so that each moves in a slightly new direction. The series title reflects moving forward creatively after the artistic pause that I took after becoming a mother. For me, that was the kind of life transformation that reshaped and halted my day-to-day activities for months, then eventually I gained inspiration and started painting again. The title is also inspired by the notion that whether you’re on board or not, the world keeps turning; life moves forward. The dynamic nature of these paintings came after a long pause. They are the visual representation of my resuming, moving, participating, growing and creating.